A little bit about me...


Born and raised in the South, I found an early love for all things in the architectural design world.

When I was a child, my parents took me to neighborhoods in development and we would walk the homes under construction. Imagining the finishes, fixtures, layouts of the rooms, etc. As I grew older the fascination of how things got worked together stayed with me and I’ve been designing ever since.

A proud graduate of the University of Georgia, I studied abroad in Italy sketching and learning about Italian design and architecture.

After graduating Cum Laude in 2000, I went to work immediately at Ferry, Hayes, and Allen designing Country Clubs.  As a CAD Draftsman, I really cut my teeth on details structural drawings and precision.

After 2 years at FHA, I went to work for Lane Home Furnishings and began designing their Showrooms throughout the United States and Germany. LHF fostered my imagination and personal style to flourish.

In 2005, I moved on to work with Jillian Van Dresser, a well known and respected designer. It was here that I really learned about Project management and sourcing.

After a year under close mentorship with Ms. Van Dresser, the opportunity to design boutique hotels in NYC came and I moved to the Big Apple to design and project manager 5 star hotels and luxury apartments.

At McCartan, I had the privilege to work on several projects, in particular Avia Napa (now the Andaz Napa), and Avia Long Beach (now Hyatt Centric the Pike). These two project stretched my skills, imagination, and resourcefulness. Really bringing me into my own as a hospitality designer.

As with most things in 2009, my job came to an end due to the economic downfall. I left NYC and came home to start over. 2011  was a big year for me, I met my husband Kendal, got married, and what started as merely an chance to regroup, soon presented the opportunity to branch out on my own and form You In Mind Designs. The brainchild of my husband Kendal and I.

Despite having great success in our newly formed company, it became necessary for me add to our income. In 2013 I joined Ingenious Med as their Corporate Programs Manager and EA to CEO Hart Williford. It was here that I was able to create and lead programs that supported the company culture and promoted a great working environment. I had the pleasure of leading several executive fly fishing retreats for top clients and had the pleasure of visiting places like Gallatin MT, Raton NM, Yellowstone MT, and Sonora Island British Columbia.

I view all my experiences both in life and vocationally as building blocks to who I am as a person and a designer. I am the proud wife of a great man and mom to a beautiful baby girl. Versed in multiple styles and type of design and architecture, I am most happy when I am working with clients and given the opportunity to make their spaces come to life. I am excited about continuing to build YIM Designs into a thriving company and I hope that you will consider partnering with me as we “design with You In Mind.”